Welcome to Napali Research. Through data-driven research and analysis, we hope to improve the ability of investors to develop investment strategies meeting their needs.

On this site you will find ever growing information on what works in investment screening, what doesn’t, and what might be areas for further research. Even with broad availability of screening tools at many financial web sites, the “how” is still as difficult as ever without some guidance.

Napali Research screening strategies are primarily based on fundamental analysis—using publicly available financial data to understand as much of the inner workings of businesses as possible. Fundamental analysis can, in many cases, provide a good view into future expected performance of a company and a gauge of the risk in that projection. Those, together with its current price, are the key factors determining an investment decision.

There is no “silver bullet” for finding the best investments. There are as many successful investment strategies as there are investors. Stock selection, buying and selling at good prices, and portfolio construction and management are the key parts of a strategy, but that strategy must above all fit well with each investor’s psychology, knowledge areas, and risk tolerance.